Blockchain-based decentralized online gaming and gambling platform

Blockchain based decentralized , fast and reliable VR supported online games and games of chance with 8 BIT .

Transparent Luck

Thanks to its blockchain-based smart contracts, 8 BIT is completely transparent and open source.

Instant Reward

Thanks to the combustion and creation mechanism, it maintains its balanced supply, and users are constantly provided with entertainment and profits.

Refferral bonus

You get a 25% purchase and earning bonus for anyone who registers using your wallet address and reference.

100% secure

Completely decentralized and 100% secure thanks to blockchain smart contracts.

Winning reward

Your reward is automatically sent to your Binance Smart Chain wallet after every game you win.

100% Privacy

8 BIT does not keep any of your information. It is completely blockchain based. You only make transactions with your wallet address.

Games play

Online games

Wins goal

Coming soon .

Best Reward

Coming soon .

Win Award

Coming soon .

Best Win

Coming soon .

Pirates of sea

Coming soon .

Hunter fight

Coming soon .


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How to start



Get access

All you need is a Binance Smart Chain wallet.


Enter games

Choose the game that suits you best.


Win Award

Start earning your rewards.

Playing games winning instant Reward and Bonus

Join the 8 BIT community! Let's have fun together. Thank you for your support to us. 8 BIT :